Annual Swim With Mike Hawaii


Swim With Mike Hawaii

Time: 9am-Noon
Location: San Souci Beach to the Duke Kananamoku Beach – Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii
Special Note: To be held in conjunction with the Waikiki Roughwater Swim www.wrswim.com 
Organizers: Kaia Hedlund, Emily Hobel

Event Info: 2.34 miles of open water swimming off of Waikiki Beach. The 44th Waikiki Roughwater Swim is one of the oldest and most iconic open water swims in the world. It was the inspiration for the Ironman Triathlon. The distances for the 1st Ironman Triathlon were derived from the three most grueling races held in Hawaii at the time. The 2.34 mile Waikiki Roughwater Swim, the 112 Around Oahu Bike race and the 26 mile Honolulu Marathon. Participants in the 44th Annual Waikiki Roughwater Swim will be encouraged to solicit sponsorships for their swim through www.swimwithmike.org or to make a direct donation during the registration process through www.pseresults.com.
Open to: Swim entry at www.wrswim.com or www.waikikiroughwaterswim.com All swimmers who are capable of swimming this distance in open water.

Masters Challenge:

 The 33rd Annual Swim With Mike maintains the tradition.  In order to participate in the Masters Challenge – you don’t need to be a member of US Masters Swimming – or even a Swimmer for that matter.  Just register to Participate at:  swimwithmike.org and indicate that you want to do the Masters Challenge.

For every $100 you raise you will be given a chance to win some really awesome prizes such as a trip to Hawaii for the 9th Swim With Mike Hawaii and entry into the 44th Annual Waikiki Roughwater Swim.  Come early for the USC – University of Hawaii Football Game on August 29.  Other prizes are a trip to Las Vegas for Slam the Dam, Wine Tasting, Swim Oriented Prizes, Sporting Events and much more.