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Posted on October 6, 2016

Create a wave of support for Swim With Mike – Become a Campaign Director


It’s time to start our fundraising efforts for our 37th Annual Swim with Mike!

This year, we are initiating a new program to capture more “Campaign Directors.” The idea is to create your very own campaign on the swimwithmike.org website. The definition of a Campaign Director is asking at least one other person to join in your support of the Physically Challenged Athletes Fund – That creates the ripple effect for a wave of support.

Here’s How

  • Select the “Become a Campaign Director” tab at the top of the page at www.swimwithmike.org
  • Tell us about your exciting fundraising campaign for this year – it will inspire others!
  • After you fill out the short form, contact your friends, family and your email lists asking them to all visit us here at our website to learn more about your campaign and to support your fundraising efforts.

Campaign Ideas

  • SWM alum Daryl Holmlund (USC Masters in Teaching 2012) is planning a fundraising concert where he and his friends will perform
  • Scholarship Recipient Abby Bennett (BYU Biology 2019) organizes an annual bike-a-thon
  • The possibilities are endless – $ for laps of swimming, running, rolling; how about an ice cream eating contest?
  • You get the idea!

Recruit Fellow Campaign Directors

  •  We also would like you to recruit fellow Campaign Directors – the more the merrier!
  • Recruit your classmates, neighbors, vendors
  • Have your favorite pet become a Campaign Director and let him/her do the running/swimming!
  • We can accomplish more – and have more fun – with more Campaign Directors involved

It’s all about our 37 year-long ripple effect, as we expand our family of donors, volunteers, and scholarship recipients which in turn will provide more funds to support our deserving, qualified scholarship recipients. Our goal is to fund every single one of these scholarship applicants, and pay our mission forward.

Keep the Swim with Mike ripple going …a drop, a ripple, a wave…make it a splash and change a life.



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