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Apply for a Scholarship

Swim With Mike is an annual fundraising swim-a-thon that generates scholarship funds for physically challenged athletes. Swim with Mike has raised millions of dollars and supported hundreds of athletes around the country. By encouraging an active lifestyle and promoting positive self-esteem, Swim With Mike empowers its recipients to achieve self-sufficiency, define and refocus their lives, while helping them discover what they can accomplish.

The following link includes the criteria, instructions, and expectations for prospective applicants to the Physically Challenged Athletes Scholarship Fund. For questions or additional assistance, please email us at info@swimwithmikefoundation.org.

Before You Begin

Before beginning your application please make sure that you have the following information on hand.  You will not be able to save the application once you start:

  • Your last, first and middle name as well as your mailing address.  Your permanent phone, cell phone, email address and your date of birth, place of birth and citizenship.
  • Names, contact information and employment of your parents.  Names, ages and education status of your siblings.
  • Your expected major and anticipated graduation date as well as the four year college or university you plan to attend and your admission status and information regarding cost of attendance and other scholarships.
  • Your condition of health, your disability and it’s onset as well as the circumstances.
  • Scholastic and academic honors.  Your athletics participation prior to and after (if applicable) to your injury/illness that resulted in your disability.  Your hobbies and interests and work experience.  How did you learn about Swim With Mike?  How will you help to support Swim With Mike as a recipient and a graduate or alumni.
  • Your expected expenses for the cost of your attendance as well as any financial aid or grants.

You will need to include the following documents as attachments: Your personal statement, three letters of recommendation, a verification of your disability from a medical professional, an unofficial transcript of high school or previous college work and a current digital photograph. These items may also be emailed to info@swimwithmikefoundation.org if not available when you complete the online application.

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