Archer Senft

Baltimore, MD

University of Pennsylvania

B.S Engineering, Fall 2021

Archer played Soccer, Basketball, and Lacrosse for his first two years at McDonogh school in Maryland. Archer had a summer job at a beachside country club. At the end of the day, he dove into the ocean to cool off. He hit his head breaking his neck. In the weeks and months following, his future that had once seemed so bright became unclear as his focus was on staying alive and making it through multiple hospital transfers and 6-8 hours a day of therapy. Once the light in the tunnel became a bit more focused Archer knew that he needed to find a way to keep up with his class work so that he could return to school and graduate with his class. After a year of home study courses completed while in the hospital Archer was able to return to his school, participate as an honorary member and motivator of the Lacrosse and Soccer Teams, both of which won state championships and graduate with a 4.33 GPA. Joe enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania as the first recipient of the Rosemary Kraemer Raitt Endowed Scholarship and was able to connect with recent Ph.D. Swim With Mike alumnus Joe Zinski.

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