Blake Steinecke

San Marcos, CA

California State University San Marcos

B.A. Business Administration, Spanish Minor - Fall 2020

Blake grew up with a huge passion for sports as he played baseball, basketball, lacrosse, roller hockey, and mountain biked. During the summer before his junior year of high school in 2015, he noticed that the vision in his right eye was very slightly blurry and thought that it was nothing. After going to the doctor, it led to many more doctor appointments and tests that ended up diagnosing him with Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy in October of 2015. His other eye got involved in March of 2016 and his vision progressively went from perfect to around 20800 causing him to lose most of his central vision. Since his vision loss, Blake has kept mountain biking by using a guide in front of him, and he started playing blind hockey, riding BMX, surfing, and playing the guitar. Blake continued to take difficult classes in high school and graduate with over a 4.00 GPA and also became a leader at the Jr. High group at his church. He has been determined to stay positive and do the things that he loves and not let his vision hold him back. Blake completed a B.A. in Business Administration in Fall 2020.

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