Carlos Hoover

Stockton, CA

University of Southern California

B.A. Music Education, Spring 1999

Mike Hoover was a gifted trumpet player and an outstanding soccer player. Although he was a four-year starter on his high school varsity soccer team, his passion was music.  

Mike entered USC in 1984 as a Music Performance Major and as a member of the Trojan Marching Band. He changed his major to Music Education to become a band director after the 1988 Rose Bowl.  

In his last year at USC, Mike sustained a cerebral hemorrhage. Among other things, the stroke left him unable to move the muscles in his mouth and fingers with speed and precision—qualities necessary for a fulfilling career as a Music Educator.  

With inspiration, guidance and financial support from his friends in the Trojan family and the Swim With Mike organization, Mike returned to USC to complete his studies. He added a Recording Arts minor and graduated in 1999. He began recording concerts and recitals at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA that fall.  

Mike has plans to move to San Diego from Stockton. An added benefit for him will be he will live closer to his friends at USC!

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