Corey Lovato

Loveland, CO

University of California, Irvine

Law/Business-MBA – Spring 2015

At the age of 19, Corey was enjoying his first year of independence as a college freshman. He was doing well in school, had a girlfriend he cared for, many friends and a healthy body thanks to years of competitive swimming, high school football, and skiing and snowboarding. On one of his weekly snowboard runs a terrain misjudgment sent him flying forty feet through the air into the snow. A broken neck resulted in quadriplegia at the C-6 level and months in the hospital and rehab. Depression and hopelessness led to his realization that athleticism is a mental outlook, more than it’s physical manifestation, and once it is established it becomes entrenched in the person of the athlete. He approached therapy as an athlete, moved on to tackle school finishing his undergraduate degree in four years. He learned to live independently, moved to California and entered UC Irvine’s law school. Corey cannot wait for what life brings him. He is a quadriplegic, an athlete, a fighter and he has work to do.

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