Emma Bailey

Elm City, NC

Meredith College

Design, Spring 2023

Emma learned early on that she was a gifted athlete. She played many sports starting at age 5

but concentrated on volleyball starting in middle school and added track in high school where she ran the mile and competed in the pole vault. She was involved in many clubs as well and was elected president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in her senior year. The day of her senior picnic went from one of the best days of her life to a day that changed her life forever. Following the picnic she lost control of her car while going around a sharp curve. The car flipped over and hit a telephone pole. Rushed to the hospital where she stayed for four months she was diagnosed with paralysis from the chest down but fortunately no other major injuries. Emma treats her rehabilitation as she did her training for athletic competition and has made great strides. Meredith College is her dream school and she is so happy that Swim With Mike is making her dreams come true.

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