Jack Jablonski

Minneapolis, MN

University of Southern California

Communications 2019

Jack was a regular high school sophomore student-athlete who loved hanging out with friends, going to the football games and preparing to get his drivers license. He made the varsity tennis team as a freshman, played baseball on top AAA teams and made his high school varsity hockey team as a sophomore. That hockey team was exceptional and won the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament in 2012. Ten of Jack’s teammates received Division I College scholarships. Jack’s goal was to play professional hockey for an NHL team and he was on track to meet that goal when on December 30, 2011, during a high school game he was hit from behind and crashed headfirst into the boards. His spinal cord was completely severed resulting in quadriplegia. The amateur and professional hockey world went into overdrive supporting him and he realized instant fame as he lay in the hospital bed. Famous players and entire visiting teams came to see him in the hospital and lend support. Once he was out of the hospital a few media interviews led to Jack’s hosting a weekly show about hockey “Hockey Night in Minneapolis” and if all goes as planned a future career in broadcasting after USC.

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