Jake Javier

Danville, CA

Duke University

M.S. Biomedical Engineering, Fall 2023 - B.S. Biomedical Engineering, Spring 2021

Jake played football for most of his life starting at seven years old and on through San Ramon Valley high school where he played offensive and defensive line, achieved All-League honors and was named Senior Team Captain. Also an outstanding student, he had several collegiate opportunities but chose Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for their football and engineering programs. On the day prior to his high school graduation, Jake broke his neck diving into a pool. Paralyzed from the chest down he was down but not out. A month after his accident he enrolled in a clinical trial where ten million embryonic stem cells were injected directly into his spinal cord. He later spent seven months at Craig Hospital in intensive rehab. After delaying college for a year of rehabilitation Jake changed his major from Mechanical to Biomedical engineering where he hopes to help progress the field of regenerative medicine. Jake is #70 on the football roster at Cal Poly and while he cannot participate on the field he assisted the team and the coaches from the sidelines.  Jake graduated and went on to pursue his M.S. at Duke University.

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