Jasmine Morales

Lake Hopatcong, NJ

University of Arizona

Undeclared, Spring 2023

Jasmine grew up in New Jersey playing softball. On January 18, 2010 at the age of nine she was in an automobile accident resulting in a spinal cord injury at the T11 level. The doctors were not sure she would make it, yet after many crucial months in a hospital and rehabilitation she was finally able to go home and live her life again, but very differently. She not only survived but she learned to thrive. Jasmine started track at the age of fourteen and found great success in racing. She has put in sweat and hard work into getting where she is. As of right now she has competed in her high school track team and was the All American Athlete for her school’s team.

She has competed in 3 junior nationals and represented the USA in the IWAS Paralympic Youth Games In Ireland. She has learned how to express herself and how to turn something negative that happened to her into something positive. She may not run like most people do, but she does run. She races to the finish line to get closer to her goals.

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