Joe Radanovich

Westchester, CA

Texas Christian University

B.A. Finance/Management – Spring 2024

Growing up in the LA area and competing in volleyball, Joe was aware of Swim With Mike and how wonderful the program was. He never thought he would be in a place where it would directly affect him. Joe played both beach and indoor volleyball at the club and high school level his junior and senior years on the Loyola High School varsity. After graduation he went on to Texas Christian University and continued to play recreationally. On November 5, 2020 while he was just finishing up his first semester at TCU, Joe was in a serious automobile accident and was thrown from the vehicle. Two collapsed lungs, 2 shattered vertebrae, 2 broken shoulder blades, 7 fractured ribs, a fractured hand and a brain injury were the result. After several weeks in the hospital, Joe transferred to Craig Hospital for rehab. Upon returning home he found that family and friends had retrofitted the family home. He was able to finish up the semester while at Craig and went on to finish his second semester online from home. Joe returned to TCU in the Fall of 2021.

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