Misha Palla

Philadelphia, PA

Columbia University

MBA – Spring 2023

Misha’s career aspiration is to become a champion for meaningful change, specifically fostering an inclusive culture within the technology industry and world more broadly.  She is passionate about these empowerment efforts for individuals with disabilities given her own journey. In the summer of 2016, Misha was injured in a boating accident that mangled her right leg. Her leg was later amputated, and Misha went from an able-bodied athlete who received a black belt in Tae Kwon Do to a person with a physical disability. The mental and emotional skills learned in Tae Kwon Do such as self-discipline and the ability to stay present were essential to her recovery and subsequent self-sufficiency.  She found a new passion for cycling after the accident that restored her passion for sports.  Misha was admitted to the MBA program at Columbia University with the goal to become a corporate strategy professional in the technology industry. She hopes to use the skills developed during her MBA experience to lead her colleagues and classmates in sponsoring educational training and employability initiatives for individuals with disabilities.

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