Morgan Dunnigan

Jackson, MS

Davidson College

B.A. Economics, Spring 2021

Morgan has an athletic gene pool. Her grandfather was an All American hockey player, her grandmother a talented figure skater and her father played college football and basketball. She played soccer and took dance until one day a cervical spinal cord tumor left her paralyzed from the chin down and dependant on a ventilator to breathe. The tumor went undiagnosed for six months and was due to be surgically removed the day after it caused the paralysis. She spent many months in-patient doing rehabilitation with years of follow up. While her friends were playing soccer, lacrosse or softball, Morgan was riding her FES therapy bicycle and going to physical therapy. She was on a mission to improve her locomotor skills with the hope to walk again one day. Morgan excelled in school, graduating with a 4.1 GPA and achieving membership in the National Honor Society. That hard work has paid off and Morgan has recovered to the point where she can walk without crutches. She continues to beat the odds and will be successful at whatever comes her way. Morgan completed a B.A. in Economics in Spring 2021.

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