Shane Mosko

Southington, CT

Florida International University

Marketing/International Business Fall 2017

Shane grew up in South Florida playing soccer and later high school football. On September 30, 2012 Shane was in a single car accident that ejected him thirty feet out of the vehicle resulting in a T12-L1 incomplete spinal cord injury. Shane was in an induced coma for a month and whenhe regained consciousness he found his life changed forever. Sports had always been his outlet and six months post injury he started participating in a sports program while still completing rehab. He learned to mono ski, waterski and wakeboard. Shane hit the gym as before his accident and participated in triathlon and marathon posting a 1:55 for 26.2 miles. He loves to fish and participates on wheelchair basketball and sled hockey teams. Shane had the opportunity to serve a critical role in the development of the Ekso (robotic exoskeletal ambulation) program at Gaylord Specialty Healthcare and served as an ambassador for the company traveling the nation. He has walked short distances in long leg braces with a walker and is taking huge steps towards his recovery and his education.

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