Tyler Hoog

Mead, CO

University of Southern California

Spring 2017

Chapel Hill – Communications/Education

Tyler comes from a very athletic family with many of his elders playing in the college and professional ranks. His goal was to follow in their footsteps but it was always made clear to him that academics and a post-sports profession was key to a successful life so he balanced his life and always made school a priority. Tyler played football, baseball, basketball, and hockey and excelled in all. At the age of 17 an automobile accident changed everything and two days later he told his father that if he couldn’t move he didn’t want to live. While it has been difficult to adjust to life as a quadriplegic at the C 4-5 level Tyler has learned to take nothing in life for granted and has used his platform to talk to and inspire others who may have their own adversities.  He challenges others to imagine how much better their life, their job, their relationships would be if they never took another thing for granted.

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