Vicki Varner

Unionville, VA

Randolph Macon College

Psychology — Spring, 2020

T-11 Spinal Cord Injury

For Vicki’s whole life it seemed like all she ever knew was softball. It was her passion and how people identified with her in her small town. As a pitcher, all eyes were on her and she was often scrutinized for every small thing. Few thought Vicki would make it past high school but she did, graduating from high school with a scholarship to play softball at Missouri Valley College. Following her first semester where she attained a 4.0 GPA, Vicki went home for Christmas break. It was on Christmas Eve, 2015, that the car she was riding in slammed into a tree. The first text message she send out after the accident was: “paralyzed, bye softball.” If there is anything that softball taught her, it is how to deal with adversity. Quitting was never an option. After a semester off from school and a transfer to a school closer to home, Vicki is serving as softball team manager and helping coach the local softball club team. She is studying psychology and hopes to go on to pursue a masters and PhD.

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