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The 37th Annual Swim With Mike at the University of Southern California
Uytengsu Aquatics Center on April 8, 2017


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Pickett Family, 50 years of swimming reunion. 380,000 yards for Swim With Mike.


Pay it forward!


Fundraising through clothing, bake sales, and donation collections at Mater Dei High School (Santa Ana, CA) as a Swim with Mike club, for the benefit of those that need and deserve it.


Sol Arena Playa & Mountain Bike Tour


1st Charity Golf Tournament For Swim With Mike in the Dominican Republic


Thank you for supporting all Swim with Mike reciepients!


I am raising money for swim with Mike because I believe people should be given the opportunity to pursue an education while participating in the sport they love because physical barriers should not be what determines your life’s course.¬†


Please help me raise funds for physically challenged student athletes. They have inspired me for the last three years and make me eager to support Swim with Mike!


Please help Swim With Mike help others!

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